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Stage Fright

Stage Fright is a musical black comedy currently in development. It is about a producer who tries to put on a musical, holds auditions, but the girl he picks for the show unfortunately can't sing, dance or act; she's just beautiful. The producer's choice leads to many arguments with others in the cast. The producer gets to meet his estranged wife (who has the money to put on the show) and his long lost son and these four characters battle it out learning about themselves and other in their lives. The show brings up the age-old-question of relationships and family and what they mean to us. It also touches on topics concerning sex, issues where each character attempts to find themselves, no matter how different they may be according to society's expectations.

Stage Fright is a musical black comedy that will attempt to entertain the audience in new ways. Members of the audience will be invited on stage and take part in the auditions held by the producer and when the show culminates into a murder mystery the audience members also become suspects.

Stage Fright is a theatre production that is bound to entertain a wide range of tastes and ages. Furthermore, Stage Fright is currently becoming a film script and the endeavour will be to make Stage Fright a uniquely Australian film as well. If you are interested in becoming a part of Stage Fright contact FDS.

Talk Show

Talk Show Host Marty Frank

Talk Show is a musical comedy that was written and produced by Frank Sita of FDS, starring Alex Lugli, who also assisted with production. Talk show is set out in two acts. The first act introduces the five characters to the audience. The characters are pitted together around a young female, Jessie, who aspires to be a singer/songwriter but due to her 'inept' and 'sleazy' manager Beck, is unable to be successful. The other characters include Jessie's lesbian friend Li. Li attempts to break Jessie away from Beck's clutches. Beck's assistant, Josh, is a drag queen, who is jealous of Jessie and wants Beck for himself. The fifth character is Mark, who is Jessie's boyfriend. Mark is in love with Jessie and eventually asks Jessie's hand in marriage so they can live happily-ever-after in their newly renovated caravan! Mark feels it is his responsibility to get Jessie away from these freaks.

Resentment, jealousy and selfishness galvanise the characters to a level so hilarious that it keeps the audience wanting more. Act one concludes when Beck, the manager, comes up with the idea that in order to lift the profile of his young client Jessie, he and the other characters will go on television and "spill their guts" on a talk show. In the second act, the theatre becomes a television set and the theatre audience becomes the audience of an impromptu talk show, hosted by Marty Frank . The audience is brought to a "laugh-a-minute" through quick off-the-cuff improvisation coming from some very talented and charismatic actors. 

Featuring Music composed and arranged by members of FDS, such as 'On My Way', Talk Show has been a successful part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and continues this success as a unique production for Australia.



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