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Boys Next Door

'Boys Next Door' is a variety show affiliated with FDS that is broadcast in Melbourne by Plenty Valley FM (88.6 MHz) on Sunday nights between 10pm and 12pm. The boys, 'Mr. Music' (Frank Sita), 'Big Al' (Alex Lugli) and 'Keats' (Chris Keating) present the show, which features interviews with special guests involved in the entertainment industry as well as great music from the 70's to current. The show also aims to support the local music industry by interviewing local artists and playing their material. It is not uncommon that the boys dedicate a portion of the show to a live performance in the studio.

'Boys Next Door' is continually growing in popularity due to the boys' irreverent and humorous look at the entertainment world through such segments as 'celebrity watch', 'what's up my nose', 'band of the week', 'song of the week' and 'sports prognosis' . From this, 'Boys Next Door' has contributed some of the funniest characters to radio. For example, 'Angelo' from Mill Park often provides an insight as a university student from the suburbs who only attends university once a week to keep his Nonna (Grandmother) happy. There is suspicion though that Angelo is not enrolled at all, but spends his days tasting cappuccinos down at the university cafe. Another character, 'Neville Ghandi',  provides the listeners with jokes of the week and deep philosophical insights into our world.

Boys Next Door
The Boys Next Door.  (From Left) Big Al, Mr Music and Keats

If you need a night of great entertainment, the 'Boys Next Door' are also available to hire for social functions.

If you would like to make an appearance on the show then contact Mr. Music, or if you have a demo send it to:

Attention: Frank Sita
P.O. Box 587
Greensborough, Victoria 3088



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