The Aboriginal People of Australia have for centuries fascinated the European imagination. Having a culture so ancient and radically different from that of the first white settlers, it comes as no surprise that the Aborigines have been more misunderstood than understood.
   In Aboriginal Rituals: approaches and interpretation, Frank Sita shows that this is nowhere more evident than in the study of Aboriginal religion. Western attempts to grasp the profound and powerful mystery of the Dreaming and its rituals have been consistently marred by unexamined biases and assumptions. A close analysis of rituals of initiation highlights the inappropriate intellectualist and scientific frameworks that have often structured academic approaches of the past.
   In critical dialogue with, among others, Durkheim, Turner, Frazer and Geertz, Sita argues that Aboriginal ritual can only be understood from within its own proper religious context and worldview. Aboriginal ritual can then be seen as providing an authentic experience of passage into the ineffable.

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